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Aid and Attendance Eligibility and Requirements

The Aid and Attendance pension can offer significant financial help to veterans who are disabled or over the age of 65. To qualify for the Aid and Attendance program, a veteran must meet eligibility requirements in three areas: War-time service, medical need, financial need. The surviving spouse of a veteran may also qualify for this improved pension.

Qualify as a War-time Veteran

Any war-time veteran with 90 days of active duty may be eligible for this pension. At least one day of this active duty service must have been during a time of war, as recognized by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Eligible war periods include:

  • World War II
  • Korean Conflict
  • Vietnam Era
  • Persian Gulf War

To qualify as the surviving spouse of a war-time veteran, the marriage must have ended due to the death of veteran.

Qualify Medically

For a veteran to qualify medically, they must require the assistance of another individual to perform daily tasks. These daily tasks include (but are not limited to):

  • Bathing
  • Dressing/ Undressing
  • Laundry
  • Personal Care
  • Preparing Meals
  • Medical Services
  • Companionship

A veteran may also qualify if they are blind. Furthermore, veterans and surviving spouses can qualify for the pension if they are residing in a nursing home or other assisted living care facility.

Qualify Financially

The Aid and Attendance benefit is a financial needs-based pension. Net income, net worth, and out-of-pocket medical expenses will be factored in when determining qualification of this pension. An application must be filed to determine eligibility. The application must include a DD-214 form, net income, net worth limitations, any deductions, a medical evaluation, and proof of out-of-pocket medical costs. Do you believe you or a loved one might qualify? Fill out our short form to be contacted by an Aid and Attendance expert today.